Pris is a domain-specific language for designing slides and other graphics.

Pris allows you to write drawing commands in a lightweight programming language tailored for the task, and compile that to PDF. Graphics can be parametrized easily, and instead of copy-pasting, common elements can be extracted into reusable functions.


  • Compiles to PDF.
  • Full typographic control.
  • First class graphics that can be inspected and manipulated as values.
  • First class functions.


The obligatory “hello world”:

  put t("Hello world") at (0.1w, 0.5h)

This produces a single page, with the text “Hello world” in the default sans-serif font. The leftmost point on the text baseline is located at 10% of the canvas width and 50% of the canvas height.

Getting started

Pris needs to be built from source. See the building chapter of the docs. Then you might want to take a look at the examples. Please note that Pris is alpha-quality software. Expect things to break.