Submitting listens to Listenbrainz

Musium can be set up to submit plays to Listenbrainz. Musium logs plays to its SQLite database. An enclosed script can batch-submit those plays to Listenbrainz. Running the script regularly ensures that all plays get submitted. Musium does not currently offer immediate submission or now playing updates.

Running manually

To submit listens to your profile, you need to obtain your user token from Make this available in the LISTENBRAINZ_USER_TOKEN environment variable, for example:

export LISTENBRAINZ_USER_TOKEN=ab32823b-57e7-4953-80be-f10294b26058

With this set up, we can run the submission script located in the tools directory of the repository:

tools/ submit-listens /db_path/musium.sqlite3

The file to pass is the db_path as configured; this is where Musium tracks listens.

The script only submits listens that originated from Musium itself, it does not submit imported listening history. Listens that were submitted successfully get marked as such in the database, so they are only submitted once.

With systemd

Systemd timers can be useful for submitting listens periodically. This works the same as scrobbling with systemd, with two small differences:

  • The command is submit-listens, not scrobble.
  • The environment variable to set is LISTENBRAINZ_USER_TOKEN, the LAST_FM_* variables are not needed.

On post-idle

It is possible to submit listens right after playback ends using a post-idle command. This works the same as for scrobbling, see that page for more details.